Mai Hirooka for Designersblock 2012

September 4, 2012

Fugitive Ceramics - Mai Hirooka

Mai’s postgraduate project ‘Fugitive Ceramics’, aims to explore uncontrollable beauties within pinhole photography as a fresh aesthetic on the premise that designing ceramics for ‘tabletops’ has a trace of transiency.

Two opposed perspectives have developed, first to discover the limits of clay body ‘flexibility’ as it deforms during the firing process and second, as pinhole photographs transferred to the ceramic surface is presented as craft practice.

The work, which comes from an industrial manufacturing context, proposes a dinning set use for the hospitality industry. This use is demonstrated in a simple and extraordinary manner as the angled plates convey a particular purpose. The design invites people to consider how they might dish up and vary the presentation of the food.

Eventbrite - Designersblock London 2012