Emerald Faerie at Designersblock 2012 Shop

September 5, 2012

Trifid Dome - Emerald Faerie

Emerald Faerie creates sculptural pieces playing with the magical qualities of textures, lights and shadows. She uses the process of Alchemy to create beautiful and mysterious elements combined with a strong presence of various metal materials.

Trifid Dome - Emerald Faerie

Trawling auction rooms across the globe she uses her magpie magic for found objects to source a variety of unusual antique objects such as, glass and sparkling vintage diamante pieces, which she then combines with wire, glass tubing and sheet metals, to create opulent chandeliers, large sculptural plant forms and delicate hand bag shaped light pieces and lingerie inspired wall lights.

Her unique method of construction allows her to integrate objects that have historical or sentimental importance to her clients into her pieces, giving each one a truly bespoke quality.

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