Thorunn Arnadottir at the Designersblock 2012 Shop

September 5, 2012

Sasa Clock - Destes

Designersblock is presenting to you, Thorunn Arnadottir‘s work, produced by Destes. Sasa, in the African Kiswahili language means “Living in the moment”. The Sasa Clock brings this sensibility to our hectic urban lives. It encourages us to relax and let time flow.

When the necklace is hung over the stainless steel carousel it keeps time in 5 minute increments. When the necklace is taken off the wheel and worn it is not counting anything. You have only your own senses to experience the time. Like ancient tribes-people, you become the clock.

Read more about the Sasa Clock click here.

Tree Shelves - Destes

Cloud Full Wall - Thorunn Arnadottir

The Tree/Cloud shelves are hand made in Hungary and come as 4 boxes, 2 shelves, and vinyl stickers. They are all stacked together when bought, but are easily slotted together to form a cute abstract/pixellated tree or a cloud.

They are perfect for childrens bedrooms, to display some keepsakes. Crayons and small objects can also be stored in the drawers, which can be pulled out to use as a container.

More about the Tree/Cloud shelves here.

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