Lina Kovacevic at Designersblock 2012

September 6, 2012

Jewelery Headphones - Lina Kovacevic

Designersblock is pleased to present to you, “SET FOR AN ONLINE ROMANTIC DINNER” by Lina Kovacevic. The project is an ensemble of products designed for couples that have the misfortune of being in long distance relationships. Here is how couples would make an online encounter significantly more romantic.

Result of a research for MA project exploring fetishization of virtuality, A Set For Online Romantic Dinner consists of a: half plate, corner plate, jelewry headphones, bow tie headphones, keycloth ( so you don’t spill your wine on the keyboard ) and a set of rules or etiquette on how to behave during an online romantic dinner.

Bowtie Headphones - Lina Kovacevic

Inspired by Berthol Brecht’s distancing objects and a 2009. Skype wedding that happened on the airports in Dubai and London, the set is designed for couples in long distance relationships who would like to make their online encounters significantly more romantic. “Put your best dress on, turn on the laptop and enjoy the dinner with your significant other across the ocean.”

Half Plate Corner Plate - Lina Kovacevic

Keycloth - Lina Kovacevic

Keycloth Details - Lina Kovacevic

USB Candlelight - Lina Kovacevic

Dinner - Lina Kovacevic

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