Nic Parnell’s “Cleavage” at Designersblock 2012

September 6, 2012

Mirrors- Nic Parnell

Nic’s latest range of furniture; Cleavage, explores the process of splitting wood (cleaving), which originates from producing lengths of wood, quickly and easily, without the use of machinery. Its use is commonly restrictive due to the timbers coarse and un-even finish, however once processed to a high finish, in a range of different materials, the coarseness is lost and the detail extenuated: thus bringing new value and character to reclaim pine.

Cabinet - Nic Parnell

Nic has also developed an addition to this range which he calls “mutated restoration”: By using the process of cleaving pine, he re-appropriates poor condition antiques, to create inordinate and colour compelling pieces of furniture such as the cleavage cabinet.

Cabinet Draw - Nic Parnell

Clock - Nic Parnell

Nics’ most recent mutation;“ Coppers Clocktail” is a light infused drinks cabinet where the Cleft details are copper leafed and then oxidised to different degrees.

Clock - Nic Parnell

Ripped Wood Pyramid - Nic Parnell

Nic will be launching his latest product the Hiero light, here is a look at the work in progress. Be sure to visit the show for the unveiling of the first batch of Heiros.

More of Nic Parnell‘s work.

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