Walter Works at Designersblock 2012

September 6, 2012

Lady Westwood - Walter Works

Walter Wok’s obsession has been creating WEARABLE & DESIGN ART entirely from household & industrial materials, frequently recycled from skips. His artistry is inspired by these rejected objects found around London.

SAM - Walter Works

Sam - Walter Works

Walter demonstrates his views of the wastefulness of our current society with the manipulations the following and turning them into witty wearable art. Everything you can think of, he uses. From baseball caps, trainers, shopping bags, electricians’ ties, baby dummys, ironing boards, Tetra packaging, plastic ring holders for cola cans, shoe trees, large cola bottles, worker boots, bicycle parts, plastic knives /forks, & coat hangers…

To view the entire wearable art collection of Walter Works‘ work.

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