‘Ideas on a Postcard’ at Designersblock 2012

September 10, 2012

Love Hut- Architecture for Humanity's 'Ideas on a Postcard'

Visitors during the London Design Festival 2012 will be able to get involved and drop by the Architecture for Humanity’s ‘Ideas on a Postcard’ Love hut. Here you will be able to propose a small scale project, product or build that embodies the spirit of humanitarian design. The proposal can be text, a sketch or other visual representation. Big or small, think of an idea that could benefit London. It could be an idea for a public space installation, a community enterprise, an eco building, an ingenious object, or anything that demonstrates how design can be used to make Londoner’s lives better and happier.

'Ping Pang Pong'- 3 ways tennis table

Along with the Love Hut Architecture for Humanity will also be featuring their 3 ways tennis table ‘Ping Pang Pong’ during the London Design Festival 2012. The table was designed as a community project, to get people involved in its creation and in recreation.

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