Beastie Banquet by Luna & Curious at Designersblock 2012

September 12, 2012

Beastie Banquet Set -Luna & Curious

The Beastie Banquet range is the debut collection from design collective and storeowners Luna & Curious. With its design roots in the Medieval banquet, this collection celebrates the fare of the British fields and provokes an acknowledgment of the origins of our food.

This range hopes to inspire diners to embrace the art of table setting, indulge in a feast of the land and break bread with friends.

Beastie Banquet Bull- Luna & Curious

Exclusively made for Luna & Curious in Stoke On Trent at a local family-run pottery. Highly skilled artisans hand craft each piece using traditional methods in the finest English earthenware.

The range includes Large Tankard, Cow cheese cover and Pigs Trotter salt & pepper.

Trotter Salt & Pepper - Luna & Curious