‘Here and There’ by Kingston University at Designersblock 2012

September 20, 2012

Tunisia Made 2012 - Hend Krichen

Find Kingston University’s MA Product and Space students at Designersblock 2012. ‘Here and There’ is presented by an international selection of design graduates from the MA Design: Product+Space and MA Design: Health & Wellbeing at Kingston University.

The graduates exhibiting their work, had to work around a brief, ‘Here and There’ which describes two collections of design projects – an overarching and diverse collection centering on homeland rediscovered during sustained absence abroad.

The pottery pieces shown above by Hend Krichen, ‘Tunisia Made 2012’, explores the relationship between traditional crafts in Tunisia throughout history and the turmoil of recent political events culminating in the revolution of January 2011. The family of vessels transcend Tunisia’s traditional craft heritage bringing it into the 21st Century, outlining an approach intended to stimulate the industry and regenerate market interest.

The Forgotten Remembered - Hermann Jakobitsch

“The mudslide is remembered, but the nineteen victims remain forgotten.” The aim of Hermann Jakobitsh’s project is to remember those who lost their lives in the 7th September 1916 mudslide from the Schoberstatt Koraple mountain in rural Carinthia, Austria, by dedicating a bespoke memorial bench to each of the affected families, placed at the site of their family home along the route of the slide.

Reconciliation Samovar - Alina Tukhvatullina

Alina Tukhvatullina’s Reconciliation Samovar is a symbolic invitation to both parties – opposition and government – to rediscover common territory and embrace the Russian tradition of meaningful discussion at the samovar. Topics of controversial debate, including Pussy Riot, are discretely engraved in a decorative pattern onto the tea set as a prompt.

Little Things - Verena Knöbl

‘Little Things” is a metaphor that shows how romantic beginnings get slowly leveled by the repetition of daily routine and small irritations become magnified over time – the badly squeezed tube of toothpaste, dishes left in the sink or compulsive shopping. project attempts to address the little things in a relationship that might collectively enable us to ‘grow together’ with our partners for life and make the world a happier place. The bathroom is chosen as the space for private personal reflection, where messages and motifs illustrating irritating behaviours encourage greater self-awareness and sensitivity.

Guiyu Craft - Kuan-Ting Liao

Liao’s project attempts to introduce the possibility of a more optimistic future for the population of Guiyu, a village that has the misfortune of being one of the many in the world to be left with heaps of computer waste, by reconsidering their role within the product life-cycle. ‘Guiyu Craft’ focuses on the cables that are painstakingly re-cycled for their wiring and how the skill required to do this might be re-directed to create a new up-cycled product, one that has greater financial value than the salvaged material alone.