Workshops at Designersblock 2012

September 22, 2012

Designersblock 2012 isn’t just about seeing exciting and innovative new design, it’s also about getting creative yourself. Workshops are being held outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall for the rest of the weekend, here’s a look at what’s going on.

Come and play three-way table tennis! Ping Pang Table By Architecture for Humanity.

Get your iPhones, laptops and gadgets etched for free with a design of your own by Razorlab’s iTattoo stand outside the hall.

One of our designers, Camilla Barnard, had her logo etched onto her iPad (‘is an idiot’ optional).

Leave a message in the lovehut…

If you’re feeling patriotic, make an origami windmill with your thoughts on what’s best about Britain for the Union Jack that’s taking shape.

Karen Shand and Joanna Whelan from Use It Up, Wear It Out are holding upcycling/ customising workshops for just £5. Come over to decorate and embellish sunglasses and masks with anything from feathers and flowers to pearls and beads.

Karen modelling a pair of her own design.

Do you have kids who prefer to amputate toys than play with them? Or maybe they’ve always wished their doll had a dinosaur’s head? Then bring them along to the free toy hacking workshop from 2-5pm today where Exploring Senses are encouraging playful deconstruction of all sorts of toys.

Yuki Uebo, a Goldsmiths BA Design graduate, is exhibiting her work outside; an ‘anonymous’ karaoke box that lets you sing without  shame.

Designersblock 2012 ends Sunday at 7pm, workshops run until 6pm.