Win a Gerald by Lazerian!

September 23, 2012

Lazerian, the Manchester based design studio, are exhibiting at Designersblock’s 15th anniversary show.  Liam Hopkins, the founder, describes his work as ‘process driven design’ inspired by the natural formation of crystals and insect houses. These influences are apparent in the precise construction of each of the pieces.

The making process is laborious; one of the sets of lights on display were individually laser engraved, cut and then hand folded to create facets, taking on average a day to make each light. Lazerian’s approach to design is to combine hand craft and digital technologies, Hopkins describes this as a way of retaining value and meaning rather than churning work out from a production line.

Come to Designersblock 2012 today to enter the prize draw to win a paper made Gerald dog by Lazerian! (Choose to have one made or win the kit to make it yourself)