Laurent Muller It's Whimsical! at Designersblock 2013

March 14, 2013

 For his first collection, Laurent Muller presents eight pieces of furniture with DesignersBlock  in Zona Tortona.

LM trained at the National School of Design ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris, where he received his MA in Industrial Design and won the Anvar Grant for innovation. After having evolved backstage in the world of furniture design, working at the V.I.A. and several design studios in Paris and New York, he opened his painting and design gallery in a 17th century convent in Malta before moving to London in 2010.

8 pieces: ’Tall Grass’ chair, ’Nesting’ coffee-table, ‘Mirror Mirror’ wall-mounted mirror, ’Waves’ day-bed,  ’A Basket’ low-table, ‘For Coco’ stool – side table, ’Firewall’ screen and ‘Wired’ console – dining table.

The game is in the soul of the pieces: Tall Grass will make you dream with the breeze through the grass, Nesting will invite you for a walk in the wood to return home and build your own nest; Mirror Mirror will play of the lights, reflection and shadows; Waves will bathe you in clear water; A Basket will play the up or down, asking to be rotated; For Coco will roll you down the hill; Firewall will make you reflect or disappear; and Wired will announce each new opportunity to dress up!

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Laurent Muller It's Whimsical!

Laurent Muller It's Whimsical!

More information on Laurent's work is available here.

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