Alexander Mulligan’s BR Stool at Milano 2013

March 18, 2013

Taking inspiration from both artistic and architectural practices, alexander mulligan’s sculptural approach to design questions the implied connotations of furniture, object and interior. he creates work that focuses on the interplay between space and object, using graphic influences to effect dimensions, planes of surface and function. his experimental use of materials, textures and colour, combined with interactive and engaging elements, serve to create conceptually exciting and challenging works.

The design that alexander mulligan will be exhibiting at milan design week 2013 is informed by his recent trip to brazil. taking inspiration from the diverse architecture and the working shipping docks of the cities, the br stool combines both elegant organic and industrial forms. the design is playful, refined and sculptural.

The br stool pays homage to the ornamism and style of colonial and art deco lines and tiling, the geometry of modernist design, as well as the cast concrete forms and metalwork of engineering and industry. this merging together and coupling of styles and influences is typical to both brazilian design and culture.

Alexander Mulligan's BR stool

Alexander Mulligan’s BR stool

The stool design is part of a modular system, which can be combined to create various seating options. the curved steel structures are capped top and bottom with moulded silicone rubber, which are joined together by a strap element. this acts as a system for stacking and grouping the stools, incorporating mulligan’s sense of play and engagement, the br stool offers an opportunity for interaction within an interior layout, on both a commerical and domestic level.

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