Enya Moore's Kitchen Tools at Designersblock The Magazzini

March 18, 2013

“You can have the long lasting newness of stainless utensils; I’ll take a tool that feels “alive”, one that speaks of its history in the kitchen.”     –Kate Klippenstein

Enya Moore's kitchen tools

Enya Moore – Cutter

My father’s kitchen utensils are arcane. They are worn, they are loved and they are used. They are not pristine, some don’t even shine anymore. They are scratched and rusted in places. Surprisingly, some of his most battered tools are his most coveted.

Enya Moore - Shuckers

Enya Moore – Shuckers

Kitchen utensils, particularly those of a professional chef, can often be mysterious, sometimes even obscure. This work explores my childhood perceptions of the tools my father used for cooking. The objects appear as echoes of the utensils to which they refer. Childlike and rudimentary in their appearance, the objects also reference the more primitive nature of cooking utensils

Enya Moore - Knives

Enya Moore – Knives

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