“THE WOOD PROJECT” by Coralie Bonnet

March 18, 2013

is entirely lead by the passion to preserve traditional crafts.

In a bid to revive traditional embroidery techniques, Coralie is embroidering any material or surface she can get her hands on. After creating different surfaces mixing materials and embroidery, she has decided to apply them into furnitures and objects.

She will launch a collection of wooden furniture and objects that are handmade and embroidered in UK. The funitures are made to order and so quantities are small offering people the opportunity to own a piece that is rare and special. The design, size and pattern are flexible and always open to ideas and any special requirements the customer might have.

Coralie Bonnet woodendesk

Coralie Bonnet wooden desk

Coralie Bonnet wooden table

Coralie Bonnet wooden table top

Coralie Bonnet - wooden desk

Coralie Bonnet – wooden desk

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