One day @ Designersblock

May 24, 2013

One day @ Designersblock
What do they do all day? Just exhibitions? Also party’s? And even more? Tell me more!

Piers, Vicky, Rory
09.00 Vicky Harding from Iris Worldwide comes over to have a chat.

Aspects that have been discussed included ‘what does Designersblock do’, ‘what is Iris PR currently working on’ and ‘what interesting collaborations could exist from that’? Now it is time to process all these ideas.

10.30 Alex Brownless & Katie Dominy from Artsthread walk in. After a good donut it is time to discuss the plans for collaborating more in the future.

Artsthread is an online platform for young graduate designers, during the Milan Designweek 2013 work from their students was presented at Magazzini.

Camilla Fab
11.00 Camilla Barnard has been working hard all week at Designersblock, preparing her wooden objects for this meeting. Michelle Duque from is very interested in selling her works on and the result of this meeting is that Camilla’s work will be online by the 25th of May!

12.00 Matt Durran pops over for a chat.

Matt Durran can be seen as ‘the king’ amongst the glass work designers. In 2007 we collaborated with him as well on Liquid Projects, which was a great project. Now we are looking at opportunities to collaborate with him again for the London Design Festival, but nothing will be revealed yet. 😉

Paul Bishop
13.00 Paul Bishop arrives. Paul has been in the design business for quite a few years now and exhibited many times with Designersblock. Recently his new website has aired and now it was time to hear his evaluating opinion on the Milan show, which was very successful for him. Apart from that, with an eye on the future, new opportunities have been discussed.

14.00 Johnny Hyland and David Meredith from the ‘MTV Staying Alive Foundation’ are planning a lovely private party and would like that to happen at Designersblock. Piers discussed what services/tools we provide and showed Johnny around.

14.30 While Piers is showing Johnny around, Rory welcomes Max Lyne, eco designer. We haven’t worked with him before, but are very excited to discover more about his work. If you can’t wait check out his blog below.


Previously you can see all the meetings Rory, Piers and Bud had during just one day. These meetings were with all different people, working on different projects. Apart from these meetings Designersblock has been preparing themselves for the Cleckenwell Design Week together with, the final evaluation of the Milan Design week, the London Design Festival and the Independent Hotel Show.

So what is Designersblock exactly with this wide variety of services?

‘‘Designersblock is an active platform for all types of innovative and creative solutions. Ideas can range from designs to presentations and collaborations to interactions provided by designers, manufacturers, collectives, groups, colleges and/or companies.’’

Apart from this the Designersblock office is available for throwing great parties in a characteristic building, including staff.

For more information take a look at

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