Call for workshops

July 30, 2013

Designersblock Edition 16 takes place in partnership with Southbank Centre and includes a series of workshops and interactive activities.

We are looking for content for these activities.

These can come from any creative discipline. illustration, textiles, knitting, furniture making, electronics, upholstery, ceramics, film, web and graphics.

Ideally the participant should take something away, this could be an object or it could be inspiration.

It would be great to have some Yarn Bombers but equally great to have someone teach the basics of HTML to 5 year olds.

During the Design Festival in 2012 the Designersblock workshop programme consisted of

Sunglasses and jewellery making and customisation- toy hacking – ceramic decoration – children’s electronics- 3D scanning demonstrations – plastic bottle upcycling – Comic book creation – Superhero Badge Making – design speed dating

All Activity will be communicated by Designersblock, Southbank Centre and our various partners, we will also be talking about what you are doing to our database of 29,000 email subscribers and across all our social networks. All events will be pre booked via eventbrite ticketing but we will be able to incorporate a drop in element if not fully booked.

We envisage all workshops being free to join, but agree that it is reasonable to charge material costs.

We aim for all our events to be as useful for the participants as they are for the visitors. By joining this event you will link up with a network of people engaged in the process of creating progressive and inspirational ideas and objects.

Please apply by telling us a little about yourself, your business or collective and answering the following questions.

Who your workshop or activity is aimed at, and what level of previous skill if any is needed to take part?

How many sessions would you want to run and approximately how long would these last?

Please give us a guide to your material costs and an idea of how these are worked out.

What does the workshop require to function? Do you need access to power, tables and chairs?

Similarly what equipment and tools do you need for the workshop?

Is this something you have done before and are you confident dealing with groups of the public?

Please tell us if you have the relevant documentation to work with children, and if you have public liability insurance. Neither of these will preclude activity taking place but have to be managed.

Workshops from 2012

More on the workshops from 2012

Applications should be submitted by the 5th of August to

Bud Moore