Jessica Found It

August 19, 2013

Jessica found it



Jessica found it

Combining my habit of collecting and interest in preserving our environment, especially where waste and reuse are concerned, I create elegant yet witty, functional designs. My work has been described as somewhere between Heath Robinson’s fantastical machines, and the romantic lines of Art Deco. There is certainly inspiration from nature, I find nothing more wonderful than organic shape appearing from industrial parts, or that most industrial parts mirror nature’s patterns anyway.

My fervour for interiors and being surrounded by beautiful things is tipped away from materialism with an ethos that second hand is most certainly good enough, often better, it has a story, and it’s already been made. Some objects I find in the lofts and garages of friends and family, some from forgotten boxes I find in the countryside and sometimes I can’t resist a junk shop find, which I’ll then treat and restore before incorporating it.

With my designs, I don’t need to start from scratch, I don’t need to manufacture materials, I don’t need plastic. I can create something interesting from old, undervalued objects. Upcycling allows for all the weird and wonderful objects to be seen as beautiful. It is seeing aesthetic potential and allowing the phoenix to rise up out of the rubbish.

The process of upcycling is deemed better for the environment than recycling, as with recycling, a lot of energy is required to break an object down into its component parts, whereas upcycling is adding something, changing use and adding value – with an artistic endeavour, each object could potentially be saved from landfill forever.

Jessica found it

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