Marie Laure Giroux

August 28, 2013

Marie studied jewellery design and making in Paris. Few years later, living in London, she enrolled at Central Saint Martins to complete the MA Design with jewellery speciality, graduating in 2013.

She is fascinated by the world of dreams, everything related to the imaginary. The never-ending research of how to translate ephemeral ideas within the jewellery medium. Marie now works as a freelance jewellery designer-maker between London and Paris.

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Weightlessness in Jewellery started with the idea of suspension. The thought that gravity disappeared, that the sensations of weight, and heaviness have gone. Due to the tensity experienced in our contemporary lives, we find ourselves in an unending run of hurried behavior.

Weightlessness in jewellery silences this world of haste; every moment in action is brought to a pause. It suspends the minutes and seconds and lets one appreciate the poetics of flying, the absence of weight, the delicate movement of materials brought to a state of floating.

Marie’s project aims to procure a feeling of lightness, freedom, and happiness associated with boundless movement that is lacking in today’s consciousness. Notions of suspension, ephemerality, and volatility are formally experimented within the process of making, by exploring with plastics and investigating the method of casting, at the same time questioning traditional approaches to materials and fundamental concepts of craftsmanship in fine jewellery in a thoroughly cotemporary approach.

The final outcome results in a series of dream-related and intriguingly flowing pieces, which drives the viewer and wearer towards the imaginary.
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Edition 16
Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road

Public opening times
19th to 22nd September

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