Listen, Watch, Share Film Screenings at Designersblock Edition 16

September 2, 2013

onedotzero resonate screening programme

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Sunley Room Royal festival hall

Saturday 22nd September. Free entry. resonate programme runs through the day. 40 seats.

onedotzero is a cultural leader curating and producing memorable and engaging events, exhibitions and experiences.

Bringing art, entertainment and technology together to thrilling effect, onedotzero’s skills encompass commissioning, production, consulting, public and private events, content development, publishing and education.

Their commitment and credibility is applied with deep curatorial experience to create sensory experiences that are on-brand, current and instil a sense of true excitement around digital culture.

onedotzero presents a brand new curated screening programme of art, design, technology and entertainment. premiering at resonate 2013, this tantalizing sampler features the latest forms and hybrids of moving image across motion graphics, short films, animation and music videos to delight and inspire. the programme traverses supernatural landscapes, alien worlds, retro americana dreamscapes, future fractal universes and beyond.

david broner: superdreamer / france 2012 / 01:39
a man made up of hundreds of blended polygons is transported to a different virtual world with every pair of psychedelic glasses he tries on. a timely vand trippy animation set to the soundtrack of paul lansky’s computer-rendered song “notjustmoreidlechatter”. david broner is a student of the world renowned french animation school supinfocom.

jordi pages: ments / spain 2012 / 01:42
a personal project which illustrates the signature style of jordi pages – an experimental motion designer who specialises in creating animation, graphics and light projections from a different world. his work may speak from something unidentified, something other and something strange. set underwater, abstract organic forms ripple and pulse to echoic audio’s otherworldly sound design.

louis lefebvre [heliofant]: i, pet goat ii / canada 2012 / 07:28
a mysterious figure travels aboard his boat through a dark and desolate landscape in his quest for inner peace. this surreal and theatrical story takes a critical look at the key events and figures that have shaped our world over the past decade. the hyper-polished animation is world class, and reflects four years of development by heliofant – a nascent independent computer animation studio focused on creating experimental and challenging content.

kaleb lechowski: r’ha / germany 2013 / 06:28
an animated science-fiction short in which a member of an alien race is being interrogated and tortured by a former servant robot. solely written, directed and animated by 22 year old lechowski during his first year of studies at berlin mediadesign hochschule. his breathtaking futuristic sfx have caught the attention of hollywood, where he is now pitching a feature idea to film producers. created using blender, maya, mental ray, zbrusg, nuke and aftereffects.

jodeb: unstable / anberlin / usa 2013 / 03:41
the story of adam and eve is reimagined as a romantic yet war-torn, intergalactic adventure in this music promo for anberlin. jodeb, aka jonathan desbiens, set out to make a painting in motion that would evoke emotions and metaphors because of its visual quality and magnificence. shot in the utah desert, the cinematic live action footage is subtly inflected with 3d space-age animation.

field: energy flow – life / uk 2013 / 01:30
the first of a series of director’s cuts from energy flow, which first launched as an app for ios and android in partnership with the creators project in december 2012. energy flow is a non-linear film experience that weaves 10 animated stories into 1000 unique films. translating real-life events and processes into digital paintings in motion, energy flow explores the complexity of how things are connected in our lives today – the fragile equilibrium between physical, political, and cultural tensions. this short linear extract observes the most fundamental, biological cycle of energy: hunting and feeding, survival and death.

dan charbit: infime / france 2012 / 02:24
a graphic, sonic and poetic journey through macro supernatural landscapes. with over 30 million polygons in some scenes, the film posed a major challenge in terms of digital technique. cut and cook studio’s highly skilled graphists developed their own tools when they found that no plugin or software existed to achieve their desired look. the software pipeline also included maya, photoshop, mudbox and nuke, plus smedge for the renderfarm.

joost korngold: march april may / the netherlands 2013 / 01:20
all three korngold brothers united to make this feel-good personal project – joost korngold [aka renascent], directed the abstract visuals which feature literally thousands of particles dancing across days of the calendar. the summery music was composed and performed by max korngold with additional arrangements and production by emil korngold.

freise brothers, shiouwen hong + rebecca freise: 4 ton dream / usa 2012 / 01:10
an invitation for the grown and weary to journey back through the imagination of their childhood, to revisit neglected dreams and wonder once again. a promotional short that showcases the collective talent of the 4 ton dream studio, whose aesthetic is the product of their cross-pollinated interests in motion design, futurist non-fiction, fine art, experimental architecture, live-action and cg. as visual storytellers, their work often carries themes of humanity and technology, urbanism and nature.

george thomson + lukas schrank [visitor]: eris / warsnare / uk 2012 / 03:51
in this music promo for warsnare’s debut ep, fictional ancient monuments are ‘documented’ in the manner of the nasa onboard space shuttle cameras through a process which combined intricate 3d modelling and in camera lo-fi optical effects. visitor is a new creative studio built on mixed backgrounds in animation, design and architecture.

weweremonkeys: king and lionheart / of monsters and men / canada 2013 / 04:28
under a leaden sky, a utopian empire is overthrown by a malefic foreign horde. in the aftermath, a regal bother and sister are separated and desperately struggle to reunite. weweremonkeys is mihai wilson and marcella moser whose
kris kelly + evelyn mcgrath: here to fall / ireland 2012 / 06:02
when a girl receives a call from her father she is sent on a frantic journey through a chaotic world. bafta nominated for best short animation 2013, here to fall explores separation issues between parents and children within a digital age; questioning how technology can connect yet isolate, be intimate yet distancing. the narrative is heightened by the distinctly illustrative style of blacknorth – the pseudonym of creative collaborators evelyn mcgrath and kris kelly who have been writing, directing and producing digital and animation projects together since 2007.

dai-dai tran: the b.e.a.t / c2c / france 2012 / 02:00
dai-dai tran is a parisian artist who gives a new freshness to urban art. for this stop motion music promo for c2c he animated more than 2500 images created in illustrator. set on a black canvas, his minimal illustrations combine stark geometric shapes with fluid painterly lines, in turn exploring the notions of narrative dynamics, the art of “turntablism” and the architecture of chiaroscuro.

martin böttger: the myth / germany 2013 / 01:55
an abstract translation based upon the mythological phoenix, an immortal bird associated with the sun which is cyclically regenerated or reborn. emphasising the theme of birth, the visual and sonic environments allude to medical ultrasounds with synthetic and noisy modulations. martin böttger [tsaworks] is a visual artist whose output spams 3d animations, generative and interactive animations, club visuals, video installations, audio-visual performances, sculptures and installations.

about:blank™: gangsta riddim / belgium 2012 / 01:48
exploring the limits of glitch aesthetics, experimental typography and post-epileptic tendencies. digital compression artifacts and divx glitches are used deliberately in combination with vector compositions and about:blank’s custom typeface. scenes include footage from lapland, animated vector constructions and screen-captured cpu breakdown. about:blank™ is a year old visual and motion design collaboration between antoine de schuyter and kate wintjes who take a neo-retro approach to animation, design and sound visualization.

eamonn o’neill: i’m fine thanks / uk 2011 / 04:30
this dark comedy, on the brink of tragedy, follows the formative years of an odd boy through a quick succession of stylised vignettes. the manifestation of years of pent up aggression explodes violently and visually onto the screen. bafta nominated for best short animation 2013, i’m fine thanks was produced on the ma animation course at the royal college of art.

dan sumich: the butterfly effect/ uk 2012 / 03:00
an extraordinary sequence of events draws an ordinary man, on an ordinary errand, into a high octane journey of comedy and mayhem. created using unity 4.0 software, it is an example in real-time rendering whilst paying homage to the classic action films of the 70s to 90s. an award winning director at passion pictures, dan sumich has previously worked as an animator and artist at disney, warner brothers and jim henson’s creature shop.

cyriak harris: cirrus / bonobo / uk 2013 / 03:22
cyriak has been spreading his surreal animations across the internet since 2004. his latest music promo for bonobo is an experimental moving collage, cutting and pasting layers of loops from 1960s stock footage. the technique used is 2d digital video manipulation using adobe after effects. he is mostly self-taught, and divides his time between commissioned work and personal projects.

jakub jablonski, bartlomiej kik + michal staniszewski: catzilla benchmark / poland 2013 / 02:44
this animated benchmark, designed using allbenchmark software to allow computer users to test the capability of their graphics cards and cpus works as a short film in its own right. the animation combines the realistic look of a city during a state of emergency with an anime aesthetic. a collaborative production by polish based studios platige image and plastic demoscene group. directed by longstanding collaborators jakub jablonski and bartlomiej kik with concept by michal staniszewski.