Noy Alon

September 6, 2013

I am a Jewelry designer based in Israel. Graduated this year from the jewelry department at Shenkar college of Engineering and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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My love and curiosity for color, shape, material & details have brought me to study, practice and explore jewelry. For me, a piece of jewelry is a functional work of art, which contains emotions, thoughts and inspiration.

I am interested in exploring conceptual, contemporary and unique jewelry that can be one of a kind pieces up to commercial work that can be manufactured as mass production.

Transitional . Object: Series of jewelry made of brass and epoxy material that becomes integral to enable the creation of new jewelry with material dependence.

Processing the material covering the metal structure allows obtaining new qualities by erosion and thinning down to the amalgamation of the two materials into one piece. The Metal structure emerging out of the material, marks and highlights it as a construction, function and composition. The mass, size and ratio of body and jewelry raises the question of what is the boundary between jewelry and objects.

The creation of jewelry speaks of internal time period, the changes and transitions are expressed through quiet subtle nuance in the material and in the monochromatic colors.

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Noy Alon
Edition 16
Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road

Public opening times
19th to 22nd September

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