Workshop – Pottery Hacking with The New English

September 12, 2013

The concept of 'hacking' (not illegally accessing others information) but the bringing together of groups of designers and experts to explore the creative potential of software has been around for some considerable time. Indeed for software companies this process of creating an environment where developers come together to turn software inside out and upside down in an attempt to create something new is invaluable and in many cases is the cornerstone of their new product development activity.

At its heart lies the notion that when different people with differing perspectives, experiences and skills come together to collaborate on developing ideas, the opportunities for innovation and the creating of something genuinely new and disruptive, increase massively.

Our aim is to bring together creative minds from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds and apply their smorgasbord of talents to a product / material which although having been around for over 600 years in pretty much its current form, has to a large extent, missed the boat (as far as innovation goes).

Here's an opportunity to use your creative talents in unfamiliar ways, to explore ideas and the creative process without the burden of expectation, to tap into the minds of others and to see if we can come up with something genuinely new. We don't know where this will lead (that's the whole point) but what we do know is that if something genuinely exciting happens – we can all get behind it.

Best outcome = new ideas / new products / open your minds / develop your creative skills / have fun

Worst outcome = have fun ….not a bad deal eh?

Friday 20th, Come along to Royal Festival Hall, 14:00 – 19:00
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teacups on a board

Spinning Mould

Sally Gilding Side View

Ray with cast cups

Ray polishing

buy antivirus software

Ray finishing cast handle

Ray applying handles

Preparing for jollying

Pouring slip

Plate Rolling

Plate on mould

Paul hat


Kiln Shot

Glaze Spraying

Gary with inkhead screen

Fettling handles

Cup jollying

Friday 20th, Come along to Royal Festival Hall, 14:00 – 19:00
Book now for this event