Workshop – Codasign Creative Technology, Make a Light-Up Robot Badge

September 13, 2013



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day the 20th from 2pm-6pm

Make a Light-Up Robot Badge

Come learn the basics of wearable technology by sewing a circuit with needle and thread. You'll learn the basics of working with electricity and how to sew a circuit that lights up LEDs.

About Codasign:

At Codasign we believe that digital technologies have the same creative potential as paint and canvas. Our workshops enable people with great ideas to use code and electronics to express themselves and bring these ideas to life. We welcome people who want to make a noise, create something beautiful, or just learn a new skill. Whether teaching children or adults, we love working with open source tools like Processing, Arduino, Scratch and MaKey MaKey.

Royal Festival Hall
Friday 20th, 14:00 – 18:00

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This workshop takes place in collaboration with the The Mill Co. Project

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back 100

The Mill Co. Project is creative social enterprise scheme in the heart of East London’s thriving creative community. Their studios are conveniently located in Hackney between Shoreditch, Dalston and Islington.

They formed to create a creative co-operative environment in which the the independent creative community can thrive, providing affordable workspace where freelancers can work together and collaborate. They also provide workshops, shoot, gallery and event space, creating an inspirational alternative to working from home.

The Mill Co. Project is run by Claire Martin & Nick Hartwright and is the sister organisation to Mill Co. a creative collective and full service creative agency made up entirely of independent creative and design specialists, many of whom are based at The Mill Co. Project studios.

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