Workshop – Jennifer Crouch, Radio Making

September 13, 2013

Ever wondered how radios work? Or how phones work? Or how what the national grid is? Or what the whizzing noises in your computer are about? Who makes this stuff and from what? Technology plays a huge role in contemporary life and knowing about how it works, can only be a good thing! With technology playing a larger role in life then ever before and the sheer explosion of art and design that delves into technology we think it’s important to explore how to build one of the earliest forms of remote communication, a radio – the original wireless!

The DIY Radio Workshop hosted by Jennifer Crouch makes use of unassuming household materials such as aluminium foil, tissue paper and toilet roll to make crystal radios. These radio’s might pick up broadcast signals, music and even long frequency broadcasts from Moscow or some where even further around the planet – we think that understanding what makes a radio work is phenomenal and everyone should have a go at trying to make one. We’ll be making our own capacitor and primary and secondary coils, the rest is just assembly! The physics behind the Crystal Radio (like most of physics or most things when studied in depth) is really complicated but catching the slivers of the ElectroMagnetic spectrum known as radio waves couldn’t be more simple.


Jennifer Crouch, radio making

Royal Festival Hall

Saturday 21st, 14:00 – 17:00

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Sunday 22nd, 12:00-14:00

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