Workshop – Rhiannon Adam Polaroid Emulsion Lift

September 13, 2013

Join Polaroid photographer Rhiannon Adam in this workshop exploring a variety of opportunities for creative manipulation of Polaroid and Impossible Project films. Create one-off pieces of work, and embrace the unpredictable nature of analogue photography.
The workshop will focus on emulsion lifting and image transfers.

What is emulsion lifting?

Emulsion lifting is a process particular to certain types of old Polaroid film, and the new Impossible Project films. The basic principal is that the layers of the developed photograph are separated, and with the help of water and deft fingers, the picture layer can be floated off and “lifted” onto a new surface. This creates a unique artwork, crossing the boundaries between fine art and photography, and opening up new avenues for creative alchemy!

We will create pictures to lift during the workshop, though you are welcome to bring your own Impossible Project photographs that you would like to experiment with. All participants will go home with their very own emulsion lift on paper. No photographic experience necessary!

What is an image transfer?

An image transfer is when we halt the development of Polaroid film, preventing the image from transferring the dyes onto its paper side. We use the negative part of the image (the side we would usually discard) to ‘transfer’ the image to a new surface – be it wood, paper, glass, or anything else you can imagine. This requires fast and decisive work, but yields beautiful results when done correctly.

£10 to cover materials provided

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About Rhiannon

Rhiannon Adam is a Polaroid photographer based in East London, originally hailing from Co. Cork, Ireland. She works exclusively with expired Polaroid materials and Impossible Project film. She has been exhibited worldwide, and is best known for her large-scale composite emulsion lift works.

* No photographic experience necessary!

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Join in the workshop at Royal Festival Hall

Friday 20th, 18:00 – 19:00

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This workshop takes place in collaboration with the The Mill Co. Project

The Mill Co. Project is creative social enterprise scheme in the heart of East London’s thriving creative community. Their studios are conveniently located in Hackney between Shoreditch, Dalston and Islington.

They formed to create a creative co-operative environment in which the the independent creative community can thrive, providing affordable workspace where freelancers can work together and collaborate. They also provide workshops, shoot, gallery and event space, creating an inspirational alternative to working from home.

The Mill Co. Project is run by Claire Martin & Nick Hartwright and is the sister organisation to Mill Co. a creative collective and full service creative agency made up entirely of independent creative and design specialists, many of whom are based at The Mill Co. Project studios.

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