Nnuroj at Milano 2014

March 28, 2014

Creator of non–‐conventional knit–‐wares, Nnuroj, will launch her latest range of soft furnishings and accessories at Milan Design Week 2014.

Nnuroj (pronounced /nərɔɪ/ or ‘nuh ‐roy’) has gained an international following since the launch of her debut collection at Milan Design Week last year. UK–‐based Norwegian designer, Jorunn Hustoft, works from her studio near the seaside in Brighton. All her products are manufactured using a hand-powered domestic knitting machine. Every detail is created by hand to achieve the luxurious, high‐quality finish.

Nnuroj_ Arctic Pleat Beanbag_ Medium_ Midnight450

Nnuroj_ Arctic Pleat Collar_ Lunar450


Nnuroj_ Arctic Pleat Cushions and Beanbag450

Nnuroj_ Arctic Pleat Cushion_ Small_  Twilight450

Nnuroj_ Arctic Pleat Headband, Collar and Cuffs_ Midnight450