Kristjana S Williams at Milano 2014

April 3, 2014

What is Kristjana S Williams Studio?
Showing here are two collections by Kristjana S Williams Studio. Firstly, Blom& Mynstur which features the studio’s iconic style, encapsulating every beautiful intricacy in an elegant and cohesive collection. Inspiration lies in the ever present natural world of flora and fauna and in master of design, William Morris. The collection is currently stocking in Lane Crawford and Liberty of London.
The second collection. The furniture showing first here in Milan 2014. Entitled ‘Arfleid Icefjord’, inspired by antiquarian world heritage prints from vibrant tapestries to beautifully graphic Aztec pieces. Looking at the harmony that the nature brings to the bold lines running through the art work sourced from vastly different times, often centuries apart.

Who is Kristjana S Williams Studio?
Kristjana S Williams is an Icelandic artist whose experience spans illustration, interiors, fashion and design. Strong, Scandinavian inspired lines juxtaposed with intricate Victorian engravings creating incredibly striking and unique pieces. What does Kristjana S Williams Studio do? The product range includes; limited edition bespoke globes, wall coverings, silk and cotton cushions, heritage Chesterfield furniture pieces made in Britain and forest certified Birch- wood trays hand crafted in Sweden. The fine art collection is ever evolving, three dimensional, hand paper cut and gold leafed pieces. Intricately constructed by the artist. Including butterflies, parrots and murals the work also demonstrates beautifully the ‘symmetry in all things living’ a key philosophy ubiquitous in Kristjana’s art pieces. New to 2014 is clothing, incorporating the AW14 print designs the shapes include hooded kimono’s. harem pants and silk jumpsuits. The collection is designed to translate from home to evening wear, effortlessly able to be dressed up or down.

2014-01 KW14 4517_450

Blom Leaf Zebra-450

Kristjana S Williams Studio Full Collection_450

Fjoluraut Pall Gold Leaf Framed_450

Butterfly & Bird Detail Silk_450

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