Lucy Simpson at Designersblock London 2014

August 25, 2014

Lucy Simpson is a materials-led textile designer having just gained a distinction in her Textile Design Masters. She is particularly interested by the omnipresence of digital technology, pushing her to design using unexpected materials and experiment with innovative hand techniques to create exciting relief-like textures on a fabric’s surface.

Through working with the material silicone she creates the undeniable urge to reach-out-and-touch to her designs, believing that tactile surfaces need to be included within design as we crave a more tangible surface.

Lucy feels that sometimes there is a lack of understanding of what textiles can be and it is this that partially drives her work. Through her use of alternative materials she aims to allow the viewer to question this and seeks to investigate the boundaries of the medium as a craft.

Lucy Simpson - dogtooth silicone coat

Lucy Simpson - silicone printed bag + flock jumper

Lucy Simpson - silicone necklace - in collaboration with Emelie Westerlund, jeweller

Lucy Simpson - silicone and flock printed samples

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