Milton Priest at Designersblock London 2014

August 28, 2014

“In 2009, when the dark clouds ominously descended over the major economies of the world, I felt need for a change – something to cheer me up. The artisanal delights, which are present throughout France, fulfilled that longing in the ultimate gift-wrapped experience. A petit gâteau lovingly placed in a small, decorated box, secured with ribbon and tape under the watchful eyes of attending patrons.

“This affluence of elegant, exuberant theatre has perculated throughout French society and culture from the master pâtissier Marie-Antoine Careme [1784 – 1833], someone who has inspired my work.”

Frank’s pieces reflect diverse subject matter. A current theme references the local habitat in rural Brittany called the ‘E I E I O’ series. In this collection, he appropriates objects from the farming community. Randall, a day bed, integrates a tractor part, while his most recent work, a hall table, is engilded with cow ornaments. It is titled ‘A cow in a landscape with a farmstead beyond’.

These, together with his other furniture, will be exhibited in September at Designersblock 17 as part of the London Design Festival 2014.





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