Nord Collective at Designersblock London 2014

September 8, 2014

This project concerns Pareidolia – how as human beings we instinctively project personality into inanimate objects, and explores how we might feel if that personality were then projected back at us, provoking feelings of empathy – between man and machine.

Passive Smoking Machine is a response to this theme; a caricature of the Internet of Things and the connected world.

To the less observant, the object looks like any other smoking bin. Although it’s primary designed function is for the stubbing and storing of waste cigarette butts, ironically this ‘thing’ despises cigarettes; which after years of exposure has caused the machine to develop a kind of mechanical bronchitis. When a person stubs out their cigarette, Passive Smoking Machine responds by coughing and spluttering smoke back at them.

Ben Pawl - SmokingMachine-2

Ben Pawle - SmokingMachine-1

Ben Pawle - SmokingMachine-4

Ben Pawle - SmokingMachine-6

Passive Smoking Machine from benp on Vimeo.


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