Tomomi Koseki at Designersblock London 2014

September 8, 2014

The Body Time Machine

Our body acts as our primary interface, or device, to understand the world. However, we have little understanding of what is going on inside our bodies as they grow and age. If we acknowledge the gap between body and mind, how could this change the relationship with our bodies?

When we are grow up, we often forget about the body we once had. To bridge the gap, we need to look back to our past body image. Throughout this project, I aim to rebuild the memory of our bodies in order to know the self in different ways.

When we are children, our bodies are small. If we scale up our childhood perceptive what will happen? As an investigation into this, I made my parents’ clothes according to my current body size based on a family photograph, aiming to scale the clothes to scale the past body memory. I discovered that changing the scale of our clothes could evoke past body feelings. Thus, my project functions as a device to recall body memory, to journey through our body transitions, whilst also becoming a device to renew the perception of our body: “The Body Time Machine”.

Tomomi Maseki - journeyquotera3-518x742

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