Projects By IF – Home Monitor at Creative Matters

September 5, 2016

Projects By IF is a design studio that makes things that change how people think about data, privacy and security. Our mission is to make those things more positive, active and empowering, making useful products and services that are designed for people first.

In reality, “smart” products for your home aren’t so smart. Rather than being part of your home they sit on top of it. The way they handle data is opaque because the terms and conditions that describe it are hard to understand and full of jargon. People don’t know where their data is going, who owns it or how it’s used.

IF’s Home Monitor is a prototype of a new approach to the smart home. It provides a comprehensive view of the home and its surroundings, combining measurements from environmental sensors with open datasets from the local area. It’s also a personal data store, meaning it’s not reliant on external servers and data never leaves the home without clear permission. Data is open and exportable, potentially opening up new data driven services.

IF Home Monitor

IF Home Monitor