Neurodiversity: who stands to gain?

September 8, 2016

Think Different

Neurodiversity: who stands to gain?

Three panel discussions together with an audience Q&A – exploring what neurodiverse thinkers have to contribute in the creative industries. How can the creative industries provide people who think differently with an ideal place to work and why would they?

Friday 16th September: 15:00 to 18:00, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf

Three 45 minute sessions with 9 remarkable speakers, chaired by Tom Purser, cultural lead at the National Autistic Society.


1. Autistic creatives talk about their experiences in the creative industries

2. The bigger picture – Policy and research on neurodiversity and the workplace

3. Success stories

Has there ever been a time when we’ve had a greater need to Think Different and who do we turn to do conjure something valuable, relevant and new? Many of the world’s most innovative thinkers are, or most probably are “neurodiverse”. And yet the challenges they face can be enormous. How do they, their families and their colleagues cope? Where’s the joy and the optimism to be found? Can we create conditions where remarkable people, with so much to offer, may thrive rather than sink?

Session 1

Piers Roberts – co-founder Designersblock and Creative Matters

Araceli Camargo – co-founder of THECUBE and WECREATE NYC and cognitive neuroscientist

Lucy Wills – Design Values for Knowledge Transfer Network

Session 2

Tim Nicholls – Policy manager National Autistic Society

Dr Katie Gaudion – designer and Senior Research Associate at The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art.

Emily Swiatek – Employment Training Consultant National Autistic Society

Session 3

Andy Sandoz – President D&AD (TBC)

Piers Roberts – Co-founder Creative Matters and Designersblock

Jon Holloway – The Dyslexic Photographer

Networking and drinks (courtesy of Five Points Brewery)

Entry is free please register here