Round Table on Internships – Confessions of a Design Geek Following a healthy debate about the benefits and pitfalls of internships in the design industry, the aim will be to reach a Manifesto for Design Internships, which both interns and employers will be able to sign up to, and which will become a condition of […]


With this collection Anastasia aims to explore the changes in the society and jewellry field through modifications of archetypes of figurines of tricksters with digital process of design. Having spent 25 years leaving in and exploring different counties Anastasia is a contemporary artist making her statements through her work based around digital media. This exhibition […]

Considering Colour – Not Another Pink Razor Colour tells a story. It’s an incredible opportunity to start a meaningful relationship between product or environment and user. Over 30 minutes Justine Fox, Material Colour will explore some of the variants that go into making a connection through colour. During this interactive session, she’ll explain how colour […]

“My design concepts are contemporary and grow through experimentation with both material and technique exploration, keeping bright and contrasting colours consistent throughout.” This collection is inspired by clean, neat and modern forms, the pieces of work vary from organic to geometric shapes. Techniques such as turning and slip casting heavily influence the forms and choice […]

Enjoy learning and experiment the most creative science and tech hacks with YOSTEAM.COM, a new Youtube channel exploring the integration of the “A” Arts in to “STEM” as “STEAM” encouraging the public to embrace technology and science into their everyday lives and career paths. During 2 days, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of Septeber at […]


“I have always viewed a shoe as a mobile structure that is carrying the human body. I noticed the strong relationship between my past profession as an architect, footwear and fashion as a whole. Consequently, I developed my personal interest as a designer in clarity and constructivism. I always emphasise on the detailing of assembly […]

Kathleen Reilly is a Scottish artist and silversmithing graduate with First Class Honours from the Glasgow School of Art. Reilly has exhibited and worked internationally; notably-receiving first prize for her Salt & Pepper Shaker from the Ambiente Trends Team at Messe Frankfurts ‘Ambiente’ in February 2016. She recently presented a solo show titled ‘Waiting for […]

It was lovely to visit Vanessa Harden‘s award winning project Subversive Gardener at Boxpark. The Subversive Gardener is a series by Vanessa Harden of ongoing public interventions connected to the guerrilla gardening subculture – a group of individuals who secretly meet to illegally plant flowers, shrubs and vegetables in neglected urban spaces. The Pictures below […]

S H U F F L E summer exhibition 1 July – 4 September Herrick Gallery 93 Piccadilly London W1J 7NQ To celebrate their first year in Mayfair, Herrick Gallery will be presenting a group exhibition of artists and designers from the gallery’s past, present and future… Jake Clark, Darren Coffield, Michal Cole, Pippa Gatty, […]

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Riskkit: new strategies for creative collaboration Workshop by Piers Roberts Designersblock founder Piers Roberts, has over a number of years been developing a powerful toolkit called RISKKIT that sets out to encourage designers and businesses to better identify their growth potential. RISKKIT helps companies think creatively about business (opportunities); generate valuable new ideas, justify market […]

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