Jewelery from Israeli designer Daniella-Sarayara The human being experiences many opposite processes, where he gathers layers which he will peel off with time. The exposure to changes adds patterns and habits to the human being’s life, but reductions and exposures create an empty void through his deeper layers. Her creation in this project is caused […]

Daniella Sarayara

Yarden Aizic Jewelry Design is based in Rishon Lezion, Israel. This collection is a result of inspiration and meticulous study of aerial photographs of railroad tracks. Her work reflects how different industrial elements are joined. The process started with the production of different sizes of hand-made Silver 925 and Alpaca-metal profiles conforming to the shape […]

Yarden Aizic Halimi

Johanna Samuelsson is a textile designer based in Sweden where she is studying for a masters of fine art in textile design with a specialization in weaving. By working with the technique woven shibori and foil print, the interaction between patterned surfaces and light is explored in a textile decoration. The work is a meeting […]

Johanna Samuelsson

Emily Carter is a British designer based in London, specialising in silk scarves and pocket squares. The collections incorporate themes from natural history,scientific illustration, flora & fauna and English heritage to create surreal and unique illustrations and prints. Each scarf and square begins as a detailed original drawing,with experiments in colour and composition leading to […]

Charlotte Edey specializes in hand-drawn monochrome illustration. She strives to make work that is subtly suggestive, creating clean forms in absorbing detail. Her direction is dictated as much by the process of mark-making as it is by concept; by exploring the full complexity of fine line work. She is intrigued by the challenge of expressing […]

Silkfelt a world of impossible textiles. Yulia Badian works with felt, the original man made fabric. Using techniques that have been around for millenia and only wool from rare breeds, silk and soap she creates these stunning pieces that appear to be creatures taken from fantasy. Based in London, Silkfelt produce lighting, interior, millinery and […]


Partnering beatboxing star Reeps One and Fashion Space Gallery, Studio PSK designed and built a bespoke audio playground for Miami and Milan Design Week. This playground, designed at adult scale, is brought to life when used. Each element of the playground is transformed into a beatboxing instrument with conductive ink from Bare Conductive. Designersblock Have […]

Polyphonic Playground Milan

Muscar Fluffy Lights by Lina Patsiou hanging in the Ex-Ansaldo building during the Milan Design Week.

Supahulk’s stand with his inflatable furniture during the Milan Design Week.