Concorde engine for SelfridgesSouthbank Centre shop


In 2002 and 2008 we were commissioned by Selfridges to produce their windows to coincide with London Design Week we invited designers taking part in our london events to submit proposals and with Selfridges selected the best ones. Altogether 30 windows were produced. In 2008 we also produced a pop up shop in store to sell the work from designers taking part in that years show. Click here for more pictures. And here.


As a result of our Illustrate festival we worked with TopShop who unveiled a capsule collection of T-shirts adorned with original designs from 9 of the illustrators featured in the show along with exhibitions to accompany the work of each designer in its London and Manchester flagship stores.

Covent Garden London

For Covent Garden’s Christmas celebrations 2008 we produced 2 pop up shops in vacant units in Covent Garden market. We sourced all of the content from designers within our network. The product on sale included ceramics, lighting, jewelry, furniture, posters, prints, and novelty items.

This work came from the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy Japan and Korea. Most of thes products were unavailable in the UK at the time and have subsequently been stocked by UK retailers. As well as running the shop we also held several workshops run by creatives from within our network. And a swap shop event by KithKin where members of the public could bring in items for exchange. Click here for more pictures.