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Springtime Accessories

19 May 2022

For those who take fashion seriously, there is no better time than the arrival of spring, when they can say goodbye to their winter coats and start assembling outfits from their spring/summer wardrobes. Of course, spring also has its own unique set of essential accessories, from sunglasses and weekender bags to caps and colognes.

Fashion Accessories Through the Ages

14 Apr 2022

We think of fashion and fashion accessories as entirely new, cutting-edge, and avant-garde. The fact is, however, that the fashionable classes have been wearing stylish accessories for millennia. One gorgeous necklace of red coral, recently found in the French Alps, dates all the way back to 4,200 BC!

Fashion Essentials: 10 Basic Accessories for Men

11 Mar 2022

Nothing ties an outfit together like the perfect combination of fashion accessories. These include the basics, such as watches, caps, backpacks, and belts, the latter of which have the added advantage of keeping your trousers up. But they can also include trendy jewellery, such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces.